an appreciation podcast of works featuring the iconic film actor Jeff Goldblum

The Zaddiest of All Zaddies*

Jeff Goldblum 

is a beloved American Actor whose career spans over 4 decades. He is best known for his prolific performances in The Big Chill, The Fly, Earth Girls are Easy, Jurassic Park, and Independence Day. He is also known as “Brad Bellflower” in the iconic commercials.

Jeff’s unique cadence has won over an allegiance of devoted fans and he is often the subjects of many memes. One of his nicknames is “Zaddy” and he is described as “The Zaddiest of All Zaddies.”

On watching himself act, the Blum stated:

“Good Jeff. That’s nice, Jeff. Yes, Jeff, go for it. Oh, YES, Jeff.”

*What is a “Zaddy”?

A Zaddy (“Zad-dee”) is the slang term for a really handsome and typically older guy who is sexually appealing with fashion sense and swag. Thanks Urban Dictionary!

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Episode 9: Invasion of the Body Snatchers

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Each episode breaks down one of Jeff’s movie/TV roles. Then, we will rate the performances on a 10 out of 10 “Goldblum Scale“.

Current Episode

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

When strange seeds drift to earth from space, mysterious pods begin to grow and invade San Francisco, California, where they replicate the residents into emotionless automatons one body at a time. Special Guest this Episode: J.B.

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Previous Episodes



Cyndi Lauper and Jeff Goldblum portray two psychics, Silvia and Nick, who are hired by Harry (Peter Falk) to find his long lost son in the Ecuadorian Andes. When they get there, they discover Harry's really hired them to help...

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The Fly

The Fly

When scientist Seth Brundle (Jeff Goldblum) completes his teleportation device, he decides to test its abilities on himself. Unbeknownst to him, a housefly slips in during the process, leading to a merger of man and insect. Initially, Brundle appears to have undergone a successful teleportation, but the fly’s cells begin to take over his body. As he becomes increasingly fly-like, Brundle’s girlfriend (Geena Davis) is horrified as the person she once loved deteriorates into a monster.

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The Host (and Jeff’s Biggest Fan)

Goldblum Afficianado Leslie DJ is a writer and the founder of, an online publication that features written and audio music-related content. She hosts Sinister Girlz Live on WBMB Baruch College Radio94.3 FM New York on Fridays at 4pm EST.

Did you know…

that Jeff is also an accomplished Jazz musician?

Zaddy began playing the piano in his hometown of Pittsburg, PA when he was 14 and never stopped: “I play the piano everyday…”

His 2018 debut album The Capitol Studios Sessions with the Mildred Snitzer Orchestra is now available in stores and digitally.

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