Earth Girls Are Easy

Jeff is one of three furry (and funny) aliens in this extraterrestrial comedy that travel around the universe in a spaceship and they receive a broadcast showing human females. They are fascinated by these beautiful beings and discover that the signal came from Southern California on Earth. Meanwhile, Valley girl Valerie Gail feels her cold doctor fiancĂ© is slipping away; she eventually catches him cheating on her with a nurse and throws him out. The aliens’ spaceship crash lands in Valerie’s swimming pool and she brings them into her home. They get transformational makeovers and the aliens prove to be quick learners who absorb American popular culture and language through television. Soon, Valerie finds herself falling for one of the creatures…

Special Guest this Episode

Maia Offitzer

Maia Offitzer

Maia Offitzer is a Jeff Goldblum novice and studies psychology at Goucher College. She is a native New Yorker.


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