Beyond Therapy

Jeff played the role of Bruce in this 1987 dark comedy directed by Robert Altman and based on Christopher Durang’s stage play described as “an insane and fast-paced romantic comedy.” Bruce goes on a bizarre dinner date with Prudence after she answered a personal ad he placed thanks to encouragement by their respective therapists who are more troubled than their patients.¬† While the first date is a disaster, they have a successful second date and sparks fly. However, Bruce has a live-in lover Bob who becomes jealous of this new relationship and he will do whatever it takes to end it.

Special Guest this Episode

Chris Laudando

Chris Laudando

Chris Laudando is the co-host of “The Hoof” with Tommy Lombardozzi and frequently appears in character on the “Tell’em Steve Dave” podcast.

Also, check out his beautiful abstract paintings on his website

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